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Direct Embroidery

& Applique

DTG - Direct to Garment Digital Printing

Traditional Automatic

Screen Printing

Embroidery provides a premium look for any club or organization. Because its a slower process, it’s more expensive and because it’s a process that involves a machine sewing the design , an image that has very fine detail isn’t well suited for this process. Often times, however an image can be “adapted” for embroidery by making a couple of changes.


  We can help make those changes so your emboridery project exceeds your expectations.

Digital Garment printing technology has come a long way in the last 15 years. It’s now possible to print a full color image on a dark colored t-shirt, and make just one. In the past to do this would have cost hundreds of dollars. Today, a fraction of that.


This process is suited to orders under 100 pieces because it is slower than traditional screen-printing which uses high speed automatic printing, presses.


 Screen printing is a great way to get larger orders done efficiently and cost effectively. Automatic presses can print up to 500 shirts/hour, so if you a very large order, this is the process for you. There are set-up charges, but they are spread out over a larger number so the cost per unit diminishes those charges.


If you have a large order, call for a quote today.

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